4 Ways To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with Dynamic Search Ads

4 Ways To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with Dynamic Search Ads

Looking to gain quality traffic for your sales funnels? Of course, you are! Luckily, Google provides a handy tool, dynamic search ads, to help you specifically track customers with queries similar to the content found within your funnels. Best of all, this tool does the hard work for you, making you more efficient and effective in your overall marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss what dynamic search ads are, how they can help you generate more qualified traffic as well as how to create and optimize them.

What Are Google Dynamic Search Ads and How Do They Work?

Simply put, Google dynamic search ads help connect your audience and potential customers searching for specific products to your sales funnel.
Dynamic search ads are based on your funnel content, not on keywords. They also have the same style and appearance as a normal text ad you find on Google — your audience won’t be able to notice a difference. How do dynamic search ads work? First, Google crawls your funnels and pulls content — titles and frequently used phrases — from your landing pages. From there, whenever a customer’s search uses the same or similar content found in your funnels, Google Ads will use that content to select a landing page and create a headline for your ad. Although Google is generating the ad and headline for you, you’ll still need to write the description of the ad, which you can write and refine at any time. In short, dynamic search ads are a quick way to bring potential customers to your various funnels.
As for cost, dynamic search ad pricing is the same as a text ad — the price is based on the cost-per-click (CPC) basis and the maximum CPC you want to pay is what you pay.

How to Create Dynamic Search Ads

In your Google AdWords account, click on the Campaigns tab and within that tab, click on the + Campaign drop-down menu and select Search Network only. Next, on the select campaign settings page, click on Dynamic Search Ads and type in your campaign name. Then, type in your domain and select the language corresponding to the landing pages you want your ads to target. From there, you’ll need to fill in the additional settings. This includes geographic location options and bid strategy. If you want Google to optimize your bids, choose automated bid strategy. Also in this section, you’ll need to pick your ad targeting preferences. Your two choices include targeting your ads based on Google’s index of your funnel or targeting your ads based on a spreadsheet of URLs. Lastly, type in your default bid and budget and click Save and continue. Click here to learn more about how to create additional dynamic search ads and ad groups.

How to Optimize Dynamic Search Ads

Next, how can you optimize your dynamic search ads? First, it starts with your current content within your funnels. Revisit each funnel page and look for ways to refine your current content. Make sure everything is up to date, including product descriptions and product availability. Split test your new copy and call-to-action messaging to see what gets better engagement and conversion from your audience. The more powerful the copy — e.g. compelling and descriptive —  within your landing page and funnel headlines, the better dynamic search ads Google will produce.
Same goes for the descriptions of your dynamic search ads. Make sure they are not only relevant but are engaging for your potential customers. Additionally, another way to optimize your dynamic search ads is to take 1-2 weeks worth of data to see if you can segment ad categories into their own ad groups. This can again help you match what your audience is searching for when you have ad groups that are hyper-specific. Lastly, you can add remarketing lists to your dynamic search ads in order to increase conversions to those that have already interacted with your funnel — e.g. returning customers.

4 Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads

Why do dynamic search ads need to be a part of your marketing strategy? Below are four major benefits to using these types of ads.

1. Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Think about it — only relevant headlines will show up in people’s search results. These dynamic search ads are targeted towards people that searched for specific queries and the likelihood of them selecting your ad is high since it’s closely related to their search. According to Market Finder, “Most advertisers see 5-10% more clicks and conversions with satisfactory ROI.” In addition, dynamic search ads allow you to cast a wider net and gain more qualified traffic and conversions compared to keyword-targeted campaigns.

2. Easy to set up and run

Another benefit is that they’re easy to set up and manage. Depending on the size of your funnel, it can take as little as a couple of hours to set up and start running dynamic search ads, helping you gain conversions quicker.
Plus, if you select the setting All Pages Target, Google will automatically target any new landing page you add to your funnel. The same is true when you make any content changes to your landing pages. Dynamic search ads will crawl your funnel again in order to keep your ads updated. You also can choose whether you want it to create ads based on your whole funnel or on specific pages. Having this type of control can help you refine your audience reach. Again, Google does the hard part in creating a catchy headline for your audience to click on, while you provide the ad description.

3. Clean URLs

With dynamic search ads, Google will send your customer to your final URL but show it as your ad’s display URL. In return, this lets your customers know they are headed to your secure funnel URL and also helps instill trust with your business.

4. Perfect for any type of budget

Whether you run a large or small business, dynamic search ads are perfect for those that can’t dedicate money or time to text ad campaigns. As mentioned above, dynamic search ads do the heavy lifting for you and have a decent ROI. Especially if you’re looking to take the next step with your funnel growth, dynamic search ads are crucial to growing traffic and conversions.

When Should You Not Use Dynamic Search Ads?

The majority of the time, dynamic search ads are great for your funnel, but there are certain instances when dynamic search ads may not be beneficial. If you deal with a funnel that has constant content changes, such as daily offers for customers, it’s hard for Google Ads to create search ads that will, in return, generate more qualified traffic. So if your landing pages are always changing in terms of content, dynamic ads might not be the best tactic for your marketing strategy. At the end of the day, dynamic search ads are great for your current and future funnels as they are a simple way to target those searching for your product, or something similar. And at ClickFunnels, we offer you the tools necessary in growing and maintaining successful sales funnels.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a great tool to use for your business. It’s simple for any entrepreneur to build their own sales funnels in just minutes, all without needing to rely on a team of techies. With ClickFunnels, you’ll build high converting and clean sales funnels. Everything you need to build and launch your sales funnel is pre-developed and automatically pieced together for your company, so you have a seamless and fast set up. If you want to give it a try, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. Test it out and see the growth you have with your customers.
What added benefits have you seen with your dynamic search ads? What optimizations do you find most helpful? Sound off in the comments below! Recommended Articles How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Your Conversions 4 Actions to Boost Your Facebook Ads Campaign Results Product Details: How to Write Product Descriptions That Increase Sales Thanks for reading Dynamic Search Ads & ClickFunnels: How Dynamic Search Ads Can Generate More Qualified Traffic to Your Funnel check out the ClickFunnels blog at ClickFunnels.

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