The Best Free Keyword Tracker Tools For Better Blog SEO (2019)

The Best Free Keyword Tracker Tools For Better Blog SEO (2019)

Google is the de facto face of the internet these days and almost everything online depends on it. Ever since it took over Yahoo! as the world’s top search engine, many things changed in the online scene and more keeps changing every year. With that in mind, keeping up with the latest Google searches is a good way to track consumer behavior. Optimizing your content with keyword tracker tools for search engines has become the norm because of this.

This is especially important for many blogs, websites, and other businesses that rely on content marketing for a revenue stream. Right now, there are countless search engine optimization (SEO) tools and the best of them are paid services or apps. However, you’d be pleased to know that there are also some affordable ones out there. By affordable, we mean “free,” the best price in ever.

These free SEO or keyword tracker tools should be perfect for small or startup companies who can’t afford more advanced software. It’s a good and often risk-free way to start with your SEO. Here are some of the free tools you might want to check out.

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Google Trends

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First on the list is Google Trends and it’s probably one of the most obvious choices to include here. After all, Google handles the majority of the world’s search queries. So, it makes sense for them to have their own free keyword tracker and ranking tool. True to its name, Google Trends shows the latest happenings in the world and the interests of users per country or internationally.

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It also shows user interest on a selected topic or keyword over time. This makes it easier to predict whether that keyword you want to use will still be fresh later on. The user interface is simple and minimalist even. For that matter, it’s pretty barebones compared to most keyword tracker tools; the software only shows which keywords and topics are the most searched and how they compare to others in a simple manner.


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If you’re looking for something more advanced than Google’s basic SEO keyword app, then Wordtracker might be worth looking into. It’s also free and allows you to search for any keyword in any country or even in a particular state/province of that country. It’s not just limited to Google too, you can also track keyword rankings in YouTube, Amazon, and eBay.

What makes it better than Google Trends is the more intricate details for each and every keyword related to the one you searched for. Wordtracker also displays a calculation on how commercial a keyword is and also how competitive it is. It lets you avoid using mainstream keywords and snatch that perfect balance between the niche and the popular. All this for free.

Keyword Tool

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Keyword Tool basically has the same function and shows around the same information as Wordtracker but it won’t give you that for free. Instead, it’s free version works like a less detailed Google Trends. While it does show you the exact ranking of the keyword and any related ones you searched for, it won’t show you the exact number of searches nor the competition for that keyword.

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If you want to see the trend, volume of searches, competition, and even the cost-per-click (CPC) of all related keywords, then you’ll have to avail of the Pro version of Keyword Tool. Despite its basic free version, the compromise comes in the form of a wider range of platforms where Instagram, Twitter, Play Store, and even Bing are included apart from Google and the other ones mentioned in Wordtracker. That’s something worth your consideration.


SEMrush spares no expense in giving you virtually all the information you want from your keyword. The moment you make your own free trial, you’ll be overwhelmed at the amount of data presented to you in its keyword analytics UI. The free trial of SEMrush even shows you the organic and paid search information as well as the cost-per-click, competition, top organic search results, and even the ads involving the keyword.

The caveat, however, is that the free trial only allows you a maximum of 10 searches per day. Not only that, but you’re also only allowed to see 10 results per search. If you’re the type who loves experimenting or wants the most optimal keyword you can use, that deal might be limiting. Of course, SEMrush will also bar you from using some of its complex and convenient tools that have functions beyond keyword rankings.


If SEMrush is too complex for you, then Webconfs might be a good starting point. It’s more detailed than Wordtracker but it’s also pretty much limited to just Google. Webconfs is pretty easy to use and fast, regardless of how inflexible it is. The SEO keyword tool can show you the standard stuff: volume, CPC, keyword competition, results, and even the trend graph.

The best part? It won’t prompt you to make an account or become a subscriber. Once you access the website, you can search right away to your hearts’ content. However, it might ask for your email address and CAPTCHA confirmation every time you search for a keyword’s data. Sometimes it might glitch out too with the CAPTCHA, but a quick reload can usually fix the problem. Nevertheless, if you want to experiment with keywords dozens of times, you can’t go wrong with Webconfs; they won’t charge you.


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WordStream provides a good middle-ground between free and premium services. This one, like other keyword tracker tools, lets you see your keyword’s search volume and how it ranks among other related keywords too but that’s about it. You’ll have to shell out some bucks or opt for a limited free trial if you want to see the CPC, the competition, and a unique metric from WordStream called “Opportunity Score.”

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Apparently, they exhibit the Opportunity Score as an algorithm-based calculation of the commercial opportunity for a keyword. It’s similar to Wordtracker’s keyword commercial intent tracker. Last but not least for WordStream, you can also select a certain industry or category to narrow down your keyword results to a certain niche.

Infinite Suggest

Ending this list is perhaps the simplest keyword tracker here from Infinite Suggest. It’s actually even simpler than Google Trends. You just type in your keyword of choice and let it rip. Infinite Suggest will give you a list of a keyword ranking and that’s pretty much it. There’s no display of the usual statistics shown by other sites but it can show you hundreds of results and how they line up against one another.

If you so ever desire a more comprehensive analysis of the keyword you input, then you can simply click under the “more data” column and the site will lead you to… SEMrush. If so, why use it over SEMrush? For starters, it’s a lot less confusing. Additionally, it won’t ask for your account or force you to undergo a free trial. It’s great if you’re on a hurry for keyword rankings; it also autosaves your progress for when you accidentally close the tab!


Disclosure: Passive Income Streaming™ may earn a commission when you make a purchase through referral links in this post. We’d like to thank you for your support.

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